“We” did it!

I did it! I did it! I mean, he did it! He did it! LoverBoy has been accepted into the Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2020. Whoop! 

After the roller coaster ride of college apps and resumes and shot records and ACT scores, it certainly feels like a joint accomplishment, so “we” did it!

You would think I’d be in a puddle of tears that my angel leaves next year, but instead I am so stinking excited for him. We found out right before we headed to College Station for the campus/residence hall tours back in September. Well, I found out. He was running behind and had just jumped in the shower. I was packed and ready to go (not anxious or anything) and decided to entertain myself by logging in and checking his application status.  I may, or may not have burst into the bathroom in tears screaming, “YOU’RE AN AGGIE! YOU’RE AN AGGIE!” I doubt that was me,  though, because I am generally so in control on my emotions. (Like when I chased my ex-husband’s mistress down the road in my Suburban. The epitome of calm, that’s me.)

The great thing about finding out that morning was that it allowed me to keep my sanity while I toured the campus alongside my ex. Okay, maybe “keep my sanity” is a bit of a stretch. Let’s just say there was no bloodshed and no one is walking with a permanent limp. I maintained composure. Even when he tried to tell me the history of the 12th Man tradition. I wanted to kick him.  It’s driving me crazy that he absolutely refuses to acknowledge that I went to school there. 

He also has amnesia about his wearing burnt orange, flashing the bull sign, and rooting for the Longhorns (the Aggies big rival for those not from Texas) during our entire marriage and then some.  He is 100% Aggie Fan now and, this might be rude and totally unappreciative, but I think the Aggies could stand to lose one particular fan. 

He worked his way into the tour by convincing my son that he’s going to pay for half of his college tuition. Yeah, it still makes me laugh too, since I’m still paying off MonoBoy’s wisdom teeth without his full half. And dare I even mention the child support arrears? These little facts aren’t stopping him from dangling the college-tuition-carrot to get in on all of the college decisions, like majors and living arrangements. On the Sunday after the tour, he scheduled a meeting at my house to discuss on campus vs off campus living.

I figured it would be a short discussion because LoverBoy wants to live on campus. He’s an introvert and he needs the draw of activity to pull him out of his shell and keep him from isolating himself and feeling lost and depressed. Plus, he’s all about convenience. Even so, I told him to keep an open mind and that his dad is just excited and wants to be involved in the decision-making (blah, blah, blah), but the decision is ultimately his to make.

Obviously, I forgot that my ex is like a dog with a bone and he will not let go of an idea or an argument. He was going to make every argument he could think of to beat that dead horse.

The Ex argued that LoverBoy should live off-campus to get away from “all that shit” on the weekends. He can have his own room and he can throw stuff in a crockpot and eat for a week. (Hahahahahaha!!!! He’s 18 and won’t even make a bowl of cereal. You think he’s going to cook and eat leftovers? C’mon y’all, The Ex didn’t discover a crockpot until he was 40, and that’s probably because his new wife uses it.)

He wasn’t done there. He went on and on about privacy and no where to go to get away and that if it were him, he couldn’t do it. (Hmmmm, eight thousand Aggies live on campus every year and survive it. And again, he’s 18 not 40 so all of that activity is exciting.)

But of course, he knows a guy at work whose daughter got stuck with a roommate that cried every day and she was miserable, so he moved her off campus and she’s completely happy now. 

I could see LoverBoy getting overwhelmed. I mentioned that my first roommate cried every day until she moved back home at Christmas break. My solution was to hang out with friends. (True story.)

“Well, I can see that I’m just pissing up a rope here,” exclaimed my ex with dang-near steam pouring out of his ears. That tends to happen when we don’t eagerly adopt his opinion. I suggested that we go ahead and make the residence hall deposit to guarantee a room, and if LoverBoy changes his mind before May 1st, we can get a refund and put him in an apartment.

That seemed to satisfy everyone. LoverBoy got to select his dorm preferences and The Ex got to postpone his argument. And we paid the deposit. (You do realize that by “we,” I mean me and the cat sitting on my lap when I typed in my credit card. It certainly wasn’t a shared expense. Why break tradition, right?)

Speaking of traditions, Texas A&M University is rich in tradition and I absolutely cannot wait for my son to experience everything it has to offer. I am so proud and so happy! Not even my ex can ruin it.


  1. This is absolutely fantastic!!! What a great school, too. Yes, I agree, I think he should live on campus, at least his Freshman year. There will always be someone around the dorm that he can hang out with and he needs that full college experience of dorm life and football games and…………..ALL OF IT!!!!! You are such a great MOM!

  2. Congratulations!!!! I agree with the moms — live in the dorms freshman year and have that full on-campus college experience. It sure would be nice if your ex was housebroken and could stop pissing up ropes, though.

  3. This is awesome news! Congratulations to you and LoverBoy! I hope y’all enjoy every moment of it. And pish on your ex. He has to steal your thunder because he has none of his own. I’m glad you have thunder.

  4. Yay!!! So happy for you and your boy.


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