The State of Texas rocks!

Last week, I got the strangest email from my ex.  Any contact these days is unusual, especially cordial contact.  The email read:

“I want to confirm with you the total amount of CS owed through May.  I’m planning to take out a loan for the full amount and get straight with you. I really, really want to get this behind us. It’s amazing how far 6 months out of work can set you back!! I appreciate your patience.”

That is an impressive email.  I’m not sure who it was written for, but it certainly wasn’t for me.  First of all, he knows that I know that he cannot obtain a loan for that amount of money.  Secondly, he knows that I know that he isn’t behind because of unemployment.  And finally, he knows that I know that he doesn’t care about paying child support.  He hates paying child support.

So why, I wondered, was he suddenly so anxious to find out the amount of the arrears and set things straight?  And why was he putting it in writing?

I logged into the Attorney General’s child support interactive website.  And there was my answer.  Our case moved from the “information gathering” phase to the “enforcement” phase.  He must have gotten a letter.  He must have realized that they are going to start withholding child support plus arrears from his paycheck.

When I didn’t respond in a manner that he considered timely, he sent another email.

“I need balance to bring CS current through May. I have a good idea what it is, but would like to confirm.”

Of course you have a good idea.  The amount outstanding is listed on the website.  More than likely, it was included in the letter that you received. 

And the amount includes interest, which explains why he would rather pay me directly.  I’m not opposed to that, and I would certainly be honest and report it to the Attorney General, so I responded to his email with the amount.

I haven’t received a response.  I guess the loan didn’t go through.

Good news, though.  I checked the website again this morning, and they started to withhold child support from his paychecks.  So in the end, he is doing the right thing and getting straight with me.  I take back everything I said about the state of Texas and child support.  They rock!

Texas Attorney General


  1. And as long as he is owing child support, they will NEVER let it go. It’s awesome!

  2. Graceful Disaster says:

    I really wish GA would get it together and rock too!! My ex is “self-employed” so they were never able to garnish his wages. All it took was him showing up with $20 and the contempt charges were dropped until the next time he went more than 30 days without paying anything. At this present moment he is over $45k behind…and wanted me to THANK HIM for the $120 he gave me this week. Ha!!

    • Awww…so they think that you should give your ex a cookie because he’s trying. So cute. NOT.
      I’m realizing that the payment wasn’t withheld from his check. It was his “good faith” payment to avoid contempt charges. I’m not ready to give up faith in TX, though, since he is employed and a garnishment order is in place. I’ll just keep in contact with the AG because the squeaky wheel gets the grease. (Or at least that’s how I parent!)

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