Schedule and reschedule

I got to spend some time with MonoBoy over the weekend. I took him to the big city for modeling classss. It was something that he started asking for in the spring, so I scheduled them for the summer after basketball ended.

I had no idea at the time that summer basketball would never begin. After the wisdom teeth debacle, he started spending time with dad. He was the assistant coach, so I assumed that they were going to practice together. Until the day that the coach called and asked if we would be headed to the big city over the weekend for the tournament. Of course, why wouldn’t we be? And that’s when I learned that they hadn’t been to practice in two weeks. 

I texted MonoBoy and the response I got floored me. It was very carefully drafted without all of the teen slang and abbreviations. He said that he had come to realize that he lacked in skill in some areas and wasn’t willing to devote the time and effort necessary to improve at a sport that he no longer loved.

It all sounds very mature. If you are an adult, not the teenager I know. I just asked him to please notify his coach, preferably by phone, not text.

I asked him if he wanted to move up the modeling classes, and he said, “Let’s just let that sit for a while.” At the time, I figured that I should just go ahead and request a refund. I knew that my ex was against them, as he had told me that they were “gay as shit.” When the time came for the class, MonoBoy asked to reschedule them for during the school year when he was “coming home.”

As you all know, that didn’t happen, so I was surprised when MojoBoy actually called me to schedule them. So off we went over the weekend, and he actually spent the night here. It was awkward at first, but got back to normal by the second night. On Sunday, he announced that he was going to play golf.

And then he was gone again. 

The second set of courses is scheduled for this weekend, but it must be too much for dear-old-dad because MonoBoy texted last night and asked to reschedule them. It’s like the wisdom teeth all over again. 

And did I mention that he’s gone again? it was devastating all over again.


  1. I don’t quite get what is going on with him and his dad, but it just sounds weird to me. You must be half out of your mind with all of this. Not knowing from one day to the next; is he here, is he there–where is he. Do you have to pay child support to his dad now?

    • Possibly. Don’t think it hasn’t crossed his mind. My question is, “Who tells their kid they are lacking in skills?” My friends son asked him why he quit basketball and he gave him the same lack-of-skills answer verbatim. Good grief.

  2. My poor child never got to relax into ANY sport, team or individual, thanks to the unending pressure from his father…
    So we cycled through soccer, basketball, martial arts, football, wrestling, and are now back to soccer. (Z’s like me; not a superstar, just a solid team player. 2 seasons of football was the most successful venture (since his father APPROVED), but Z got tired of warming the bench.)

  3. Wife Goes On says:

    I’m so sorry – this too will pass, but it’s so hard in the meantime. I got nothin’ but I’m praying for you ….

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