And now, the other one

The week before school started, The Ex took the boys and new family on a vacation. When LoverBoy returned, he reported that his dad is better. He drank, but only to excess one night and he kept his anger in check, even when MonoBoy pushed … [Continue reading]

Schedule and reschedule

I got to spend some time with MonoBoy over the weekend. I took him to the big city for modeling classss. It was something that he started asking for in the spring, so I scheduled them for the summer after basketball ended. I had no idea at the time … [Continue reading]

He’s gone…

What is a mother without her child? Miserable, that's what. It all started when The Ex bought MonoBoy the car the first week of January. Remember his reaction to a discussion about insurance and vowing that he would see to it that I would pay for … [Continue reading]

Surviving Teens with Scary Mommy

Around 5:00pm, I started to hear the clicking off of lights and the shutting of doors around my office.  People were leaving to join their families for the evening.  Or even have a drink to celebrate the end of the workday. The moment I … [Continue reading]

I hated high school

MonoBoy is failing Chemistry.  Not Honors Chemistry, REGULAR Chemistry.  His ONE regular class that he swore he would get 100s in.  Is he missing some key concepts?  Uh no.  He's just refusing to turn in his homework.  (Even as I type this, I can … [Continue reading]