It’s Monday, without a doubt.

It’s Monday.  Oh, is it ever a Monday.

Last night I had an allergic reaction to something (no idea what since I’m allergic to everything) and my face is covered in a rash and it itches.  I took Benadryl last night, which meant that waking up this morning was next to impossible.  Benadryl makes me sleep like the dead.  It also makes me cranky when I don’t get enough sleep.

I’m also using Benadryl Cream as my moisturizer, which my foundation doesn’t like to adhere to, meaning that I have makeup on everywhere EXCEPT on the bright pink rash.  Lovely.

Earlier in the spring, I signed MonoBoy up for a week-long basketball camp.  It started today at 8:00am.  He goes to this camp every year, and this is the last year for him because of the age limits.  He was excited about it in the spring when I mailed in the money.  This morning, he was less than excited.  Probably because he likes to stay up late on Twitter (more on that another day).  He even had the nerve to ask to skip the camp.  Of course you can.  Right after you repay me the $150 registration fee.

As we were walking out the door for camp (because kids without jobs are broke), I noticed a smell and realized that Rat Dog pooped in the dining room.  Guess who forgot to let him out this morning?  I guess he was too busy arguing with his mother about camp.

And have I mentioned that my best friend is on a cruise for SEVEN DAYS?  That’s seven days without contact with the person that has been in charge of my sanity since 2008 when I started crying outside my Sunday School classroom and she was the brave soul that tried to comfort me.  It turned out that was going through the same thing, so she could relate.  From that moment on, she was my lifeline.  We got through our divorces together, we helped each other break away from those more-than-stupid rebound relationships that we found, and now we support each other through this terrible phase known as “teenagers.”  (The kids should perhaps make themselves scarce because I won’t have anyone to talk me off the ledge when I snap and want to actually choke them this week.)

She left yesterday, but the reality hit me this morning when I was typing an email to her and I realized that she wouldn’t receive it until NEXT MONDAY.

Oh my God…it’s Monday.  Without a doubt.



  1. Oh, my sister – I’m in the same boat, so to speak. My BFF is on a beach 800 miles away for the next 10 days. I’m thinking I may need hospitalization before she gets back.
    Send me an email, if you’d like. I’d be glad to pinch hit for your BFF – but only if you can talk me off my ledge later – usually one of us is sane at a time. And together we are one complete functioning person.
    I feel your pain.

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