Links I Love

After my divorce, I discovered that I didn’t know myself very well.  I had spent so many years as “his wife” and trying to please him that I didn’t even know what kind of movies that I liked.  My world was surrounded by people who knew me as a couple.  I felt lost.

I decided to search for someone who knew me when I was “just me.”  I looked for my closest high school friend.  Other than Christmas cards, we had lost touch.  I found what I thought was her phone number and left a message on, as it turned out, her mother-in-law’s answering machine.

She called me back though, and we caught up on the last 10 years as if it all happened in a two-day time span.  She mentioned that she had a blog and that she included my full name in it once, so if I ever googled myself, I would find her.

You can google yourself?

Let’s just accept that I lived under a rock and try to move on.  In all actuality, I didn’t even know what a blog was.  I figured it out, though, once I googled myself.  Sure enough, there I was in her blog.  I was immediately hooked.  Since I lacked focus at work and at home (due to that divorce grief thing), I spent the next few days reading EVERY post that she ever wrote.  It made me feel alive.  It gave me hope.

I hope to do that for others, but until I develop the knack, here are links to some blogs that I follow for my daily dose of hope and happiness.

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Since I love reading so much, if you have blogs that you would like to share, feel free leave me a comment or email me the link.  I finally stepped a little bit farther into this century and set up email on my phone.  (Sadly, it means that I check it constantly for any signs of life.  But don’t feel guilt-tripped into sending me a pity email or anything.  Unless you want to.)