It’s Aerobic Mom

Most of the time, my teens stay in their rooms, only surfacing to graze in the kitchen, ask for my credit card to buy something on x-box, or to ask me another word for whatever word is needed in an essay (possess, student, display, you name it.  I’m like a walking thesaurus, only I’m really an accountant, so I totally suck in the word department).

Dare I pull out my aerobic step to get in a short twenty-minute workout and teens instantly appear.  It’s like ringing a dinner bell.  They come running to feast on wisecracks at poor old, sweaty, out-of-breath mom’s expense.

MonoBoy:  “Mom, it sounded like you were beating someone out here.”

LoverBoy:  “Well, that board she’s using sure is taking a beating.”

(Yes, he’s romantic and sweet like his father. [eye roll])

Then there is MonoBoy’s “whooooop” sound every time I step up and extend my arms and one leg “like Superman.”

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, its Aerobic Mom!”

Bloodsuckers, that’s what they are.  Lurking in their dark rooms and coming out to drain the dignity out of me.

I’d smack them if I had the energy to swing, but alas, all of those Superman moves makes my arms hurt too much to swing at anything.


  1. You’re absolutely right! Nasty things, teenagers!

  2. Yep… Mine dragged me into the gym at the end of a long exhausting day, requiring a partner for his medicine ball drills. So I was spotting him on weight bench, then we flung the 15-lb ball back & forth. At least I got no wisecracks, or I would have been dropping the ball on his HEAD.

    • Tomorrow morning, MonoBoy intends to drag me to the gym at 5am to start his morning basketball workouts. The only reason that I’m “invited” is because I’m the owner and driver of the vehicle. I’m telling myself that I’m going to get in shape and hit the elliptical every morning while he does his drills or whatever he does. I have a feeling that I might actually sleep in the sauna or on one of the couches in the dressing room on more than a few mornings, though.

  3. I just have to laugh – it’s like they come with a special radar when they are born – mom in the bathroom, it’s okay run in and interrupt; mom finally takes 10 minutes for herself, yep better harass her. I feel your pain.

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