About Me

I have no idea how to describe me, so I’m just going to put some notes into a list.  I LOVE lists.  In fact, I can’t make it through a single day without making a list, which probably says a lot about me (and my OCD).

1)      I’m not sure where the time went, but I turned 40 this past year (2011).  My friends hosted a party for the occasion and decorated with lots of signs and balloons that said “40 and Fabulous.” That was pretty wishful thinking on their part.  I’m closer to “40 and Content.”  Honestly, I don’t feel 40, but my decreasing metabolism, eyesight, and ability to dance “cool” tells me otherwise.  As do my children.

2)      I have two boys embarking on the dreaded teenage years.  They are 14 and 13 (in 2011), and only 13 months apart. Yep, it’s possible to give birth that close together.  Really, I didn’t believe it either.  I argued with the doctor.  He proved his point many months later when I was screaming in labor.  I will share many stories about my boys in the blog because I have learned that children are born ready and willing to test the patience of their parents.  BUT (and its a big one, like mine) I readily admit that I am the luckiest mom in the world.  (I’m not biased or anything.)  My boys are smart, sweet, athletic, handsome, and extremely funny boys.  And by funny, I mean sarcastic.  I wonder where they get it.  Okay, I don’t really wonder.

3)      I am a full-time working mother, which basically means that I give 100% to my job and 100% to my children and never feel like either is enough.  I started my career like Girl on Fire.  I earned a CPA license and landed a job with a Big Four Accounting firm.  (Okay, I’m busted.  It was called the Big Six back then.  I’m THAT old.)  Then I heard those three wonderful words that changed everything.  “Congratulations.  You’re pregnant.”  I still work full-time as an Accountant and I still hold my CPA license, but I jumped off that corporate ladder and chose a management position with a lot of flexibility. This way, I can serve as Homeroom Mom and Team Mom and Mom-in-General (not to be confused with General Mom, although I often wear that title when barking orders at my kids…and sometimes my employees).

4)      I’m divorced.  Gosh, I still HATE the sound of that.  When I  was a kid, I thought that divorced people were creepy.  I looked at them like they had cooties, which is pretty much how people look at me now.  Believe me, I didn’t want it.  I tried to avoid it.  I fought against it.  But in the end, I had to file for it.  My life hasn’t been the same since, and I have learned that no matter how dysfunctional your marriage is, DIVORCE SUCKS.

5)      I have always loved to read.  My parents called me “Bookworm” growing up.  You know, since they were all about building up the nerdy girl’s self-esteem.  I love reading so much that I have created a separate page for Books I Love.  The list consists of books that I have read A.D. (After Divorce) because once I left college, started a career, became a wife, and had children, reading became a lost art.  When my kids started visiting their father, I found myself alone. I acknowledge that this is a luxury many busy moms only dream of (and one I no longer have…read about The Ex and custody in my more recent posts).  Trust me, the thrill wears off about a second after they walk out the door.  I was completely lost without my boys, so I started reading self-help books to keep my sanity.  Who am I kidding?  I still read to keep my sanity. I just don’t read self-help books anymore.  Well, not ONLY self-help books.

6)      My favorite number is 3.  (ooh riveting fact) I was born on the 3rd, so I’ve always been partial to it, but it became more significant A.D.  And then there were three.  And now I love all things that reference the number 3, like Ecclesiastes 4:12, which states:

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. 

Yes, I realize that the actual point of the Bible verse is to include God in your marriage, but I already failed that lesson, so I choose to apply it to my life now, and my life is just me and my boys.  We survived the divorce together, which is also why I am drawn to a particular painting by Andrzej Skorut.  It is a picture of three trees and he titled it “Standing Together,” which just about sums it all up for me.

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