Surviving Teens with Scary Mommy

Around 5:00pm, I started to hear the clicking off of lights and the shutting of doors around my office.  People were leaving to join their families for the evening.  Or even have a drink to celebrate the end of the workday.

The moment I contemplated packing up my stuff to exit, I remembered that I have teenagers waiting at home for me.  Teenagers in the midst of 6-weeks exams that require my assistance in creating quizzes on  Teenagers that need me to proofread their rough draft and help them find all of the passive verbs and act as a human thesaurus.  Teenagers that will have friends over, standing in the threshold between my kitchen and den, eating my food and watching sports on my tv, all pretending that they don’t have 6-weeks tests and papers.

So instead of packing my stuff, I googled “mom blogs teenage boys.”  Misery loves company and I needed to know that there are more of us out there suffering through it.  Dreading going to work in the morning and dreading going home at night.

Well, I have hit the motherload, so I’m going to share a couple of wonderful posts with you from Scary Mommy.

10 Things You Need to Know About Raising a Teenager

5 Ways Toddlers are Easier Than Teens

Parenting an Average Student

I could spend all evening on this website, reading all of the wonderful and honest posts under “Surviving Teens,” but alas, I must go home and actually face my teens in order to survive them.

Good luck to everyone out there in the trenches of raising teenagers!

I hated high school

MonoBoy is failing Chemistry.  Not Honors Chemistry, REGULAR Chemistry.  His ONE regular class that he swore he would get 100s in.  Is he missing some key concepts?  Uh no.  He's just refusing to turn in his homework.  (Even as I type this, I can … [Continue reading]

Lessons from Rosie O’Donnell

I might have mentioned two or two-hundred times that raising teenagers is hard.  I'm really just trying to prepare those of you that are still enjoying raising children that don't act like the spawn of Satan.  Yet. Also, I'm whining. I recently … [Continue reading]

MonoBoy will babysit

Last night The Ex called MonoBoy to ask him to stay at his house tonight to "babysit" his stepbrothers (two boys - a high school freshman and a 7th grader).  He and his wife are going to the Rodeo in the Big City and need someone to watch her kids … [Continue reading]

Donuts make it all better

This morning I drug MonoBoy to talk to a counselor.  I do mean "drug."  I didn't tell him about the appointment initially because who wants to hear complaining for an entire month?  Instead, I broke the news this morning when he was already in the … [Continue reading]