Only the beginning

It turns out that the drama with The Ex on Friday was only the beginning.

He did some ranting to MonoBoy that night after the game (mostly about the girlfriend), but dropped it the next day because the entire “new family” was headed to his mother’s house for an early Christmas celebration.  That’s good luck, right?  Everything’s about appearance, so there would be no mention of MonoBoy’s indiscretions around family!

Unfortunately for MonoBoy, it just meant that he was punished in passive-aggressive ways.  LoverBoy had earned the title of “Favorite Child of the Day.”  It doesn’t happen often.  Almost rarely.  MonoBoy likes sports and laughs at his dad’s jokes, so he typically holds the title, but occasionally, when there is conflict, LoverBoy gets to shine.  (There is never a time when BOTH boys are made to feel special at the same time.  It’s one or the other, and it often pits them against each other.)

Anyway, according to the boys, a new perk of the title was that LoverBoy got to sit at the adult table for the Christmas meal, while MonoBoy had to sit with the kids.  I’m not so sure that this was a punishment perk as the boys viewed it.  In all honesty, it’s been a while since they attended an In-Law Family Christmas because The Ex has always been too busy with other things, like going to a Dallas Cowboys game.  (You’ve gotta have priorities, right?  Cowboys, Friends, Family, God, or something along that order.)  I think this trip had more to do with the new wife and new family, and the seating arrangement had more to do with space with the addition of another adult and other kids.

But being 16 and being forced to sit with younger kids while your 17-year-old brother enjoys adult conversation skews your perception a bit.  It was also mentioned that their dad bragged about LoverBoy’s grades and making the varsity soccer team, and their grandmother gushed over LoverBoy’s girlfriend, who had also made the trip and got a spot at the adult table.

They returned fairly early that evening because MonoBoy had agreed to escort a friend to the dance.  We found out at the last-minute that we were wrong about the date and the dance wasn’t until Monday.  (Another reason a cellphone punishment can really screw things up.)  Luckily, the florist knew that I had mixed up the dates and hadn’t already made the corsage.  I didn’t think, however, to pass the information along to his dad, until LoverBoy came running into my bathroom (I haven’t had privacy in 17 years) pointing at his muted phone.  “It’s Dad.  He asked if MonoBoy already left for the dance, and if he did, he wants to talk to you.”

MOOOONOOOBOOOY!!!!  Pick up that phone and tell your dad the truth.  I know he will yell about cutting his trip short, but it’s better than if he finds out from someone else!

I have to say that The Ex took the information rather well.  It was almost shocking.  I figured that the day must have gone so well in his mind that he was willing to forgive all.

Or that he was really just going to sit on it and brew.


Yep, this was only the beginning.


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